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Charming Backyard Sauna Ideas for a Relaxing Home Staycation

Charming Backyard Sauna Ideas for a Relaxing Home Staycation

It seems saunas are the new black in the world of staycation for 2023. More and more homes are turning the heat up, quite literally, as backyard saunas become a hot feature for those who want to experience luxurious vacations without stepping outside. So, let’s build your warm sanctuaries to make your everyday feel like a resort holiday with these charming backyard sauna ideas. 

Why All the Fuss About Staycations?

Basically, a staycation is vacationing while staying home. It's less "pack up and hit the road" and more "kick back and relax right here."

The idea of a staycation is becoming less a novelty and more a way of life, what with the busy lifestyle of the modern day. Here's why:

  • No Travelling Hassle: Forget the headache of packing, the dread of missed flights, and the misery of jet lag.
  • Home Comforts: Your home, your rules. Favorite food, favorite pajamas, favorite everything.
  • Flexibility: Fancy a midnight snack or a sunrise dip in the pool? There's no hotel timetable to stick to.

Backyard Saunas: The Staycation Game-Changer

Staycations aren't just about staying put. They're about creating a resort-like experience without leaving your home. And the star of this transformation? The backyard sauna.

Backyard saunas have turned the heat up on staycations. By making the traditional spa experience accessible at home, they’re your ticket to a daily retreat.

DIY or Custom Sauna? 

With options ranging from DIY outdoor sauna kits to custom sauna rooms, creating a sauna staycation experience can fit every preference and pocket. Whether you love the gentle warmth of an infrared sauna or prefer a traditional Finnish sauna, there's a perfect match for everyone. 

A Closer Look at Backyard Saunas

Barrel Backyard Sauna

The term 'backyard sauna' is just as it sounds - a sauna right in your backyard. It's a compact steam room, usually made from heat-friendly and aesthetic materials like cedar wood or hemlock. It is designed to give you that warming sauna therapy without stepping out of your property line.

What Makes a Backyard Sauna?

Backyard saunas are more than just a wood box with a heat source. They're a carefully crafted combination of design, materials, and technology that create that perfect, steaming sanctuary. Here are a few key features that typically come together to make up a backyard sauna:

  1. Heat Source: A wood-burning stove, an electric heater, or infrared light is the typical source. The choice significantly impacts the sauna experience.
  2. Ventilation: Good ventilation ensures the heat and steam circulate correctly.
  3. Insulation: To keep the heat in, adequate insulation is essential.
  4. Seating: Saunas typically features tiered seating where you can lounge sitting or lying down.
  5. Design: From barrel saunas to cabin saunas, the design choices for backyard saunas are aplenty.

Types of Backyard Saunas

The two broad types of backyard saunas are traditional and infrared saunas.

  • Traditional saunas, including Finnish sauna and wood-burning saunas, heat the air inside the sauna room, providing a hot, humid environment.
  • Infrared saunas use infrared light to heat your body, offering a dry heat sauna experience.

These types of saunas have unique selling points, and the best outdoor sauna for you largely depends on your preference.

Maximizing Your Backyard Sauna Experience

Investing in a backyard sauna can heighten the quality of your personal time and augment your overall well-being. As with any home feature, getting the most out of your sauna means understanding the nuances of its operation and maintenance. Let's delve into some vital aspects that you should consider to optimize your sauna experience.

Electric Heater vs. Infrared Heaters

Electric Heater Saunas: Traditional saunas, which often include a Finnish sauna or wood-burning sauna, commonly use an electric heater to warm the air inside the sauna room. These heaters provide a hot, humid environment, mimicking an authentic sauna experience. Remember to have a licensed electrician handle the installation of the heating element for safety.

Infrared Heaters: Infrared saunas, on the other hand, use infrared light. These saunas offer a dry heat experience, directly warming your body. A study by Harvard Medical School indicates that infrared saunas can help with weight loss.

Considerations for Sauna Designs

Barrel Saunas: One common sauna design that adds an aesthetic appeal to your backyard is the barrel sauna. Its cylindrical shape allows for excellent heat circulation, and its simple design fits well in most outdoor spaces.

Cabin Saunas: Cabin saunas are a type of sauna that offers a more traditional look. They're usually made from materials like cedar wood, providing an authentic sauna feel.

DIY Saunas vs. Pre-built Sauna Kits

DIY Saunas: For those with the time and inclination, DIY saunas provide a chance to customize your sauna experience. However, DIY saunas require a lot of resources and commitment. Always remember to consult with professionals before starting a DIY sauna project.

Pre-built Sauna Kits: Pre-built sauna kits are suitable for those looking for a quick and less labor-intensive sauna setup. They come with all the necessary parts and instructions, making them a hassle-free option.

Benefits of Saunas

Saunas offer a wealth of benefits, including stress relief, improved circulation, and potential weight loss. According to a study in JAMA Internal Medicine, regular sauna use may even extend life. Whether you're incorporating it into your home gym regimen or looking for a relaxation spot for the whole family, a backyard sauna can be a valuable addition to your home.

Saunas and Staycations: A Match Made in Heaven

beautiful young woman relaxing in a sauna

Having a backyard sauna is like having a personal retreat at your beck and call. It's the perfect accessory to a staycation lifestyle. After a sauna session, you can just chill in a cold plunge tub or by the pool, then sip a drink by your modern electric fireplace. A day in a spa? No, just a typical day at home!

A backyard sauna turns your place into the go-to spot for relaxation, where you and your guests can unwind in the privacy of your home. 

How to Build the Sauna of Your Dreams

hand painting sauna bench with a brush

Building a backyard sauna may seem daunting, but it's a manageable project with thorough planning and the right guide. Whether you're on a budget and planning a DIY sauna or splurging on a custom sauna with all the trimmings, here's a basic step-by-step to turn your backyard sauna ideas into a tangible construction:

  1. Set Your Budget: Before you plunge into plans and designs, decide how much you will spend. This will guide your choices down the line.
  2. Choose Your Sauna Type: Traditional or Infrared? Each type offers a different sauna experience and has varying installation requirements.
  3. Decide on the Design: Cabin sauna or barrel sauna? Consider your yard space and aesthetic preferences.
  4. Pick the Location: Choose an ideal place in your backyard. Ensure it's not too far from the house and has a stable, flat surface.
  5. Plan the Size: The size depends on how many people use it regularly. A typical home sauna seats 2-4 people.
  6. Select the Materials: Cedarwood is popular due to its heat-resistant qualities. Consider adding a glass door for infrared saunas to enhance the modern feel.
  7. Design the Interior: Plan for tiered seating and decide whether to include extras like a Bluetooth speaker or LED lights.
  8. Plan Ventilation and Insulation: These aspects ensure your sauna heats properly and stays warm.
  9. Install the Heat Source: Depending on your sauna type, this could be a sauna heater, a wood-burning stove, or infrared light panels.
  10. Follow Building Regulations: Check local regulations before building and ensure your sauna design complies. 

DIY Backyard Sauna

John Thain shows how he built a budget sauna in his backyard, from planning the dimensions to choosing the materials. Watch how he did it and be inspired by his idea to make your own outdoor sauna.

Maximizing Your Sauna Experience

Creating a DIY backyard sauna can be an enriching endeavor, transforming your home into a personal wellness retreat. But it's not just about the build, it's also about how you can tailor the experience to your needs. Certain choices can greatly enhance your sauna sessions. Let's dive deeper into the different aspects you can consider, focusing on the materials, design, heater options, and health benefits.

Material: Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is an excellent choice for your sauna due to its heat-resistant qualities and attractive finish. This local cedar is renowned for its stability and durability under high temperatures. According to a study by the Wood Database, Western Red Cedar is highly resistant to decay and drying checks, making it a popular choice for sauna construction.

Custom Design: Pre-built or DIY?

Whether you opt for a pre-built outdoor sauna or a DIY barrel sauna kit depends on several primary factors. Firstly, your budget, and secondly, the amount of time you can devote to the project. Pre-built saunas can save considerable time and effort, as per a comparison study by Sauna Marketplace. However, a DIY approach allows you to custom design the sauna to your specific requirements.

The Perfect Heater

Electrical heaters are a good choice for most sauna users due to their ease of use and precise temperature control. Furthermore, an article published on Pool University indicated that electric heaters are capable of reaching high temperatures quickly and maintaining them for an extended duration, providing a consistent heating experience.

Size Does Matter

The size of the sauna plays a pivotal role in the experience. A study in the Journal of Human Hypertension found that a larger heated room can help increase your heart rate more effectively. Therefore, deciding the size of your sauna should not just be about the number of people using it, but also about the health benefits you want to achieve.

Barrel Sauna Kit: A Good Option?

For those who prefer a unique aesthetic, a barrel sauna kit could be the perfect option. They are not only visually attractive but also highly functional. According to Sauna Reviewer, barrel saunas heat up quickly due to their cylindrical shape, offering an efficient and enjoyable sauna experience.

In conclusion, building your own home sauna is not just a project, it's an investment in your health and wellness. From choosing the perfect material to selecting the right heater, every decision contributes to creating the perfect place for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Expert Tips for Every Sauna Dream

For those on a budget, outdoor sauna kits and portable saunas are the most popular choices. They are relatively easy to install, and with a few DIY skills, you can have your sauna up in no time. 

For those with a bigger budget, a custom sauna can bring a unique, luxurious touch to your backyard. Hiring professionals will ensure a high-quality, safe, and well-insulated sauna room.

If you don’t have the time to build your own backyard sauna, check out our top-notch home sauna collection with ready-to-assemble kits.

Safety Precautions

While a backyard sauna is a beautiful addition to your staycation setup, it's crucial to prioritize safety. Install a reliable thermometer and hygrometer to monitor the heat and humidity. Also, ensure an easily accessible exit in case of emergencies. Don't overstay in the heat; hydrate well before and after your sauna.

Infusing Personality Into Your Backyard Sauna

Your backyard sauna should mirror your individuality. From rustic charm to ultra-modern minimalism, the possibilities for sauna design are endless. Here are some sauna ideas to inspire your ultimate home staycation. 

1. The Rustic Retreat


Think cedarwood, a traditional Finnish sauna, and a wood-burning stove. This design embodies the natural environment and is perfect for those who love a little nostalgia. Imagine stepping out of the heat and cooling off in the natural air - a little countryside charm in the heart of your backyard.

The Sunray Cayenne 4-Person Outdoor Infrared Sauna is the best option for this design aesthetic. The Canadian hemlock wood cabin exudes countryside charm, while the ceramic heaters provide modern, quick-relaxation functionality.


2. The Minimalist Haven


This design option uses an indoor sauna concept and brings it outdoors. A sleek, boxy design with a glass door and infrared light makes for a modern, chic backyard sauna. Pair it with a hot tub or a cold plunge tub for that exquisite contrast and the ultimate spa experience at home.

Incorporate the sleek Dundalk CT Granby 2-3 Cabin Sauna to achieve this design idea. Its simple lines and straightforward boxy style mirror the minimalist aesthetic. The precise cedar construction adds a subtle touch of natural warmth. The glass door provides a view of the outdoors, so the small size doesn't feel constricted inside and offers a modern look.


3. The Barrel Beauty


Barrel saunas are not just efficient in their heat distribution; they're a visual delight. They can be the center of attraction in your backyard, making your home ideal for a cozy staycation. Add a wood-burning sauna heater, and you're all set for a classic, toasty escape.

Turn heads with the Dundalk CT Serenity Barrel 2-4 Person Sauna - your perfect partner for this design. Embodying the essence of a classic wine barrel, this sauna promises an efficient and enveloping warmth and a dash of playful charm to your backyard.


4. The Luxe Lounge


If your budget allows, consider a custom sauna. Splurge in a roomy sauna space, multi-level seating, and separate areas for changing or unwinding before and after your sauna session. Indulge in a high-end stereo system and LED mood lighting for that extra touch of luxe.

The Dundalk CT Georgian 2-6 Cabin Sauna with Changeroom is the best choice for this idea. It's an invitation to indulge with its ample space, tiered seating, and private changing room. It can rival any high-end spa right at your doorstep. The stunning white cedar construction is an instant showstopper that fits neatly in your back corner.

5. The Petite Paradise


Not all of us have sprawling backyards, but that doesn't mean a sauna is out of reach. Small outdoor sauna kits and portable saunas can fit into tighter spaces but still offer that rewarding heat source at the end of a long day.

Choose the Dundalk CT Minipod 2-4 Sauna for this design idea. Its compact size makes it perfect for tighter spaces, yet it still offers the same invigorating sauna experience with its unique pod design and bright cedar wood construction.

Tips for Sauna Maintenance and Enjoyment

To keep your warm cocoon sanctuary, regular maintenance is vital. Here are a few tips:

  • Keep it Clean: A gentle sweep or vacuum after each sauna session frees the area from dust and debris. Use mild soapy water on the benches and floor for a deeper clean.
  • Handle with Care: Sauna heaters are the heart of your sauna experience. Keep flammable materials away and ensure the sauna heater is off when not in use.
  • Inspect Regularly: Look out for signs of wear and tear. Regularly inspect the wood, heater, and stones for any damage.
  • Use a Towel: Protect the wood from sweat and moisture by sitting or lying on a towel. This practice is more comfortable and hygienic.

The Hot Topic: Health Benefits of Saunas

Saunas aren't just for relaxation. The heat enveloping you in a sauna can boost blood circulation, help muscles recover, and encourage a good night's sleep. Some studies suggest a link between regular sauna use and a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases. While the health benefits of saunas are considerable, moderation is essential, and individuals with health conditions should consult a health professional before starting a sauna routine. 

In Summary

couple sitting inside a sauna looking out

Forget jetting off to a distant resort - these steamy additions offer relaxation in your backyard. Whether traditional or infrared backyard sauna, this amenity is a slice of serenity and a ticket to a home-grown escape, all rolled into one. As you start your backyard sauna project, remember it's about creating a haven right at your home where every day can feel like a soothing escape.

Which of these backyard sauna designs sparked your interest? Drop a comment below! 

Interested in exploring more sauna options? Our team of experts is just a click away. Don't let the dream of ultimate relaxation remain just a dream; turn it into a reality today.

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